About Paper Trade Contest

Paper Trade Contest (PTC) is a website/online cloud service to record your gains/losses on each individual stock in your account, and act as a log book for your trading history, even trades from different brokage. It saves every transactions you made from the beginning, automatically give you a break down of the gains and losses of each stock, conveniently summarizing them in a single page. It will never purge or remove your trading record not matter how old the record is, unlike most of the brokerages. The system will give you a real time break down of each individual stock's gain and lose. You can record any stock in any currency in the world market, like Chinese stock, European stock, etc.

You can also see your trading records compare with the best traders's trading results out there with their gains/losses in real time, and learn from the best traders to improve your own trading skills. Although you can record any stock in any currency for your own bookkeeping, but for taking part of the trading competition, only US stocks you input/submit will be selected/counted/calculated/matched.

These trading records could be your real world trades, or just your mock up paper trades. Either way it will work. The restriction of the competition is your trade records for the day should be submit before the opening of the market next day, and record can not be changed after you submit. (Gains and losses based on current market price, final ranking subject to validation of trades and cut off date stock price)

Register require only a valid email address. After registration, your account will be available immediately to use. For a limited time period as of now, whose account show up in the top 5 trader list will receive a small hand made jade bull pendant as token of achievement

Top 5 traders

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